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Dance Moms’ Celebrity Faces Bankruptcy Scandal

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015

Dance Moms’ Celebrity Faces Bankruptcy Scandal

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller has been charged with concealing over $700,000 worth of income gained from her reality television show along with other spinoff projects whilst she was claiming Chapter Eleven bankruptcy, in a move that certainly hasn’t impressed the feds.
Federal prosecutors announced the bankruptcy fraud indictment charges in October against the reality star, full name Abigale Lee Miller. According to the indictment, Miller, 50, filed a plan to reorganise her dance studio back in 2010, and then allegedly came up with a plan to defraud the bankruptcy court by not declaring the full amount of money which she earned from both her television deals, masterclass studio sessions and merchandise sales between 2012 and 2013.

Secret Bank Accounts

The indictment against Miller also suggests that during this period of time she opened bank accounts secretly in which to store the money, hiding income which totaled to around $775,000 and in the meantime gaining better terms in which to restructure her debt as a result.

In a statement, U.S. Attorney David J. Hickton says that criminal prosecution is an appropriate route when debtors use lies and deceit before the court in order to corrupt the bankruptcy process.

Possible Outcome

dance-moms-star-due-in-court-for-bankruptcy-fraud-chargesIf Miller is convicted of the charges brought against her in the indictment, she faces up to five years in prison along with a fine of $250,000 for each count of the indictment, totaling $5,000,000 worth of fines. Special Agent in Charge Scott S. Smith of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Pittsburgh Division released a statement saying that allegations of bankruptcy fraud and abuse threaten both the integrity of the bankruptcy process and the public’s trust in the system, which can be a life saver for honest individuals overwhelmed by debt for a number of legitimate reasons. He went on to state that the FBI take their responsibility to pursue any allegations of bankruptcy fraud seriously.

Dance Moms

Dance Moms debuted on Lifetime in summer 2011, and since then the network has also aired three spinoffs of the show. Season five of the show has seen Miller and her dancers travel to Los Angeles, where she opened a new dance studio. Over the past few months, Miller’s Instagram account has seen references to her shooting Season 6 of Dance Moms, although she’s expected to be briefly absent during the upcoming season for the trial.

Content Open

Miller has requested a trial by jury and has pleaded not guilty.

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Daily Fantasy Sports Companies Face Lawsuits

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015

Daily Fantasy Sports Companies Face Lawsuits

Fantasy Sports are enjoyed by people all over the country, but a Kentucky customer who played daily has decided to file a lawsuit against FanDuel and DraftKings. He is accusing these companies of fraud, claiming that they both failed to properly disclose that all employees at the companies would have access to insider data that could potentially assist them in winning millions of dollars at the expense of their consistent customers.

The plaintiff in the case is Adam Johnson, and he filed a federal class action lawsuit in the state of New York. He is hoping to receive compensation for damages that have not been specified. The charges he is filing are on behalf of not only himself, but also others who find themselves in similar situations following a controversy regarding insider trading that made news in the expanding industry of daily fantasy sports.

How It Started
This all started when a DraftKings employee won a whopping $350,000 through a contest that took place on the FanDuel website. This occurred within the same week that the employee had accidentally leaked some impressive insider information regarding the hottest players that should be owned that particular week.
Even though both companies denied wrongdoing, this breach in data has raised many questions regarding whether or not employees have access to information that could be utilized to gain a huge advantage over other people on the sites.

The Lawsuit
The current lawsuit states that employees at DraftKings have been able to win roughly $6 million by playing on FanDuel, which is a rival website with a business model that is quite similar.


The lawsuit also notes that FanDuel had even created a profile for one of its employees that played on other websites and managed to win $50,000 within a short time frame. Since the lawsuit and this claim, that article has been removed from the FanDuel site.
How FanDuel and DraftKings are Responding
Both DraftKings and FanDuel have announced that they have taken steps to hire outside law firms in order to properly review all of their internal controls to prevent fraud. The companies have also forbidden their employees from playing any fantasy games for cash.

If insiders have access to valuable data about which players should be owned to make the most money, it is easy to capitalize on that information and improve their odds of winning against individuals who don’t have access to the same tips. That is the basis of this lawsuit, and time will tell how it plays out.

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How to Become a Good Lawyer in USA?

Posted by on Dec 17, 2015

How to Become a Good Lawyer in USA?

t is a known thing that America is a country with the largest number of lawyers in the world both in absolute and relative terms. Active members of the profession belong to the richer layer of American citizens because the number of disputes in America, huge, and the court is impossible to appear without a lawyer, whose fees were 30% of the value of the dispute. Also, an increasing number of law firm marketing to promote the rights of citizens. Through educational training, lawyers develop a range of professional skills, most of which revolve around information. Lawyers must be able to consume, digest, analyze, and process vast amounts of data.

If you plan to pursue this profession you wish to enter and to remain one of the best in their profession, we bring you some useful tips on how to do so.

Knowing the Law

Keep yourself up-to-date on your area of law. Be aware of new developments, as laws and rules often change and new cases are being decided every day.
States introduce new legislation that affect your area of law practice every day. Federal laws also regularly change.

What do Lawyers Do?

b96e1eb2d9d15ef6c2f50afb00b833e8Lawyers are both advocates and advisers. They help solve-or prevent-legal problems for others. As a lawyer, you might serve as general counsel for a corporation. You might choose to become a lawyer in a big firm. You might work for a legal services agency and help destitute families resolve their legal crises. Or you could become a prosecutor, public defender, county counsel or city attorney.

Practice Critical Thinking
In order to be a successful lawyer, you must be able to look at a legal issue from all sides in order to come up with the best solution. Proper analysis will not only help you to identify the legal issue, but help you to develop a sound legal argument to support your client’s position.

Make sure you have a clear grasp of all of the pertinent facts before you form your conclusion.

Don’t always rely on your client to tell you everything up front. Clients often will not volunteer information because they don’t know what is important and what is not. Ask the questions that are necessary to find out the information that you need.

Familiarize Yourself With the Courts in Which you Regularly Practice.
Every court has its unique practices, and court staff can be very valuable in giving you information that you would not know otherwise. Although you cannot discuss specific cases with judges, they are often willing to discuss different fact scenarios and points of law with you and give you their opinions.

Join a Local, State, or National Bar Association.
When you are with other lawyers, you will be able to learn from other more experienced attorneys and exchange ideas. Bar associations often sponsor CLE seminars and other opportunities for learning that can be very valuable to your professional development. You also develop a network of lawyers whom you consult if you have questions about handling particular cases. You also may be able to engage in community service opportunities through your bar association.

Steps for Becoming a Lawyer

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